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Candidate process

We provide assessment during the entire candidate process. We start with the viability study, we go all the way to the final presentation to the entity in charge of the event, passing through the preparation of all the technical reports, audiovisual and technological support and the coordination of the technical visits.

Strategic Planning

Very many Master Plans demonstrate our knowledge of planning a sport event starting right from de beginning of the organisation. The elaboration of the Master Plan is the basic tool to define the organizational model, the structure we need to the event’s management and the tasks we have to carry out during each of the stages of the organizational process. We adapt this planning to all kinds of events, small ones, medium ones as well as very important ones.


We very often form part of the organisational structure and we run and manage the event’s operations. We elaborate planning tools to improve the operational coordination and the management control: the preparing of the budget, the staff and the volunteers needed, the spaces and materials required, circulations, daily plans, management procedures during the operation,…

Assessment after the event

We also work on the final report and the event’s official memorandum, including the financial closure and the study of the evaluation made by the different groups that participated in the event: sportsmen and women, volunteers, organisers, press, guests,…

Communication and social media

We deal with the corporate communication of the event by creating and managing the website, social networks, newsletters,… developing communication strategies and applying them to the different groups of people they are meant for.

Sports Mol

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